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May Newsletter: SAT Subject Tests, Med School Applications and Tips for High School Seniors!

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May 2018 Newsletter

As the school year comes to an end, Arete is here to help answer any questions you may have about the admissions process! Read on to learn about changes to SAT Subject Test policies, summer ideas for high school seniors and Medical School applications.

All High School Students Take Note! Subject Test Policies Have Changed! 

While most colleges require standardized tests (ACT or SAT) as a requirement for admissions, there has been a recent trend to make Subject Tests optional. Many schools have altered their policies so students can apply without taking Subject Tests.

See below for a list of U.S. colleges and universities which require or strongly recommend that their applicants take the SAT Subject Tests:

Schools that require applicants to take SAT Subject Tests (Note: this pertains to high schoolers graduating 2019 onward):
Schools that strongly recommend applicants take SAT Subject Tests:

Arete Tip: While no longer required, Subject Tests can strengthen your chances of admission. They show admissions officers that you have gone the extra mile and are committed to your studies. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to take the SAT Subject Tests, consider these pointers:

Showcase your strengths. Even if a school doesn’t require or recommend SAT Subject Tests, admissions officers will take scores into consideration when reviewing your application. If you struggled with a certain section on the ACT or if your test scores or grades don’t accurately reflect your abilities, highly scored Subject Tests may strengthen your chance of acceptance.

Start early. If you’re enrolled and excelling in (for example) biology during your freshman or sophomore year, then take the Biology Subject Test. If you’re excelling in any given class, plan to take the respective SAT Subject Test around the time of your final. The material for both tests often aligns and you’ll get a head start on the college application process!

Even native speakers can boost their college application by taking Subject Tests. If you perform well on Subject Tests and are an ESL student, schools will have a chance to see the subject areas in which you excel–whether it be your native language, math or science.

Some colleges may even accept your Subject Test scores in lieu of a language placement exam. If English is your first language, but you are proficient in another language, the Subject Tests will provide you with the chance to showcase your fluency.

Arete Tip: Take two Subject Tests even if the schools to which you are applying do not require them. This will demonstrate to admissions officers that you have gone above and beyond what is required— and make you stand out amongst your peers!

Contact Arete today to strategize which Subject Tests make sense for you!

High School Seniors: Now What?

Congratulations on acceptance to your dream school! Rather than slack off this summer, use your time off to pursue your interests, continue to cultivate skills, and build your resume. This will only make your transition to college life more manageable. Read our tips on how to make your pre-college summer a meaningful one.

Attend New Student Orientations. Your new university may host a campus orientation for incoming freshmen the summer before your first semester. Not only will you learn key information about campus life, you will also be able to meet your peers, register for your fall classes and explore your dining options on and around campus!

Find an Internship or Participate in Community Service. Look into local opportunities to explore your interests! Score an internship or participate in a community service initiative that aligns with your passions and potential major. Gaining experience—whether it be through an internship, day job, shadowing or volunteer work—will boost your resume for your future career search.

Enroll in a Class or Program for College Credit. Get a jump start and earn college credit! At Arete, we understand the shift from high school to college may be daunting. Enrolling in a college-level course this summer will help smooth over the transition from high school to higher ed. Find out if you are eligible to enroll at a local community college or at a nearby university. Most colleges offer “for-credit” courses during the summer.

Med School Applicants: Submit Your Application Early to Boost Your Chances! 

Calling all Medical School applicants! AMCAS for the Class of 2023 was released on May 2nd and application submission begins in early June. It is critical to start navigating AAMC’s site and start your med school application early. If you’re interested in the Early Decision Program (EDP) for the 2019 cycle, the deadline is August 1st. Make sure to look at the deadlines and requirements of the program to which you’re interested in applying!

Consider using this timeline as your guide for your Medical School applications this summer:

Arete offers Medical School counseling and can help you create a powerful application and personal statement for your AMCAS. Contact us today to build the strongest application and personal statement with one of our experienced counselors!

Practice Tests at Arete

Taking practice tests are a critical component to acing standardized tests. Arete offers practice tests for the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL and more! All you have to do is call us with your preferred practice test date(s) and show up. We will handle the rest!

Call us today at 212.691.1479 for more details.

Tutor Spotlight: Sophie A.

Sophie A. graduated from Princeton University magna cum laude, where she majored in History with certificates in French, European and Cultural Studies. She has worked at National Geographic Magazine and the U.S. Department of State and was awarded the Stone-Davis Prize Fellowship from the Department of History to travel to France and Switzerland and conduct archival research. Her thesis, which she wrote about the Paris Opera Ballet during WWII, was awarded two departmental awards. After graduating, she worked at Project 55 Fellow in civic service, mentoring students in grades PreK-8. Sophie is passionate about education and learning, and her background and experience have prepared her to help students reach their potential in a wide range of subjects.

Subjects: Math (through Calculus), History, French, ISEE, ACT, SAT, SAT II (French, Math Levels 1 & 2, US History), AP (Calculus, French, US Government & Politics, Comparative Government & Politics, World History).

Nikki GeulaMay Newsletter: SAT Subject Tests, Med School Applications and Tips for High School Seniors!

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