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Arete's mission is to ignite self-motivation within our students, to help them reach their academic potential and to go beyond what they think is possible. At Arete, we are committed that our students achieve their goals and we are relentless in our pursuit to solve each individual's challenging circumstance. Whether your goal is to raise a low grade to an "A" or to continue along an already successful path, we will design a unique program that allows you to achieve success. At Arete, we believe that everyone is capable of excelling academically. The Arete coaching process ultimately allows for students to become autonomous and not tutor dependent.

Our History
Arete was conceived by Nikki Geula, a graduate of Vassar College and the Dalton School in New York, NY. In 1994, Nikki began tutoring students and found that many of them misperceived tutoring as a “band-aid,” a short-term solution to fix a poor grade. Nikki discovered an often-unmet need for students to be taught how to address the root of their academic struggles by learning strong study skills, creative thinking and personal responsibility.

The Arete Process
After an initial one-hour consultation with Nikki Geula, the student is paired with the ideal Coach who is both qualified and trained in the specialized learning disciplines required. When pairing a Coach with a student, Nikki pays special attention to the specific subject area needs of the students, diagnosed learning issues, and individual personality.

While Arete takes into account all areas of the student’s academic and emotional needs to pair him/her with the appropriate Coach, the students and parents have the ultimate say regarding the appropriateness of the pair. Arete will change the Coach after several sessions if the original match does not prove successful.

In their first session, the Coach and student define clear academic goals. For example, if they commit to bringing a C grade to an A-, the Coach and student will create an action plan to achieve this goal, as well as a coaching structure of scheduled sessions, phone calls and/or emails to guide the student into action.

Learning Differences
At Arete, we believe that learning issues decrease with proper study skills and with strong learning mechanisms put into place at a young age. By the time most students reach high school, they have often adopted a set path with their approach to learning; high school then becomes increasingly more arduous and overwhelming as the laborious college process begins. SAT tutoring is typically layered on top of schoolwork and pupils with learning issues often become plagued with anxiety and filled with self-doubt. Arete has found that coaching students with learning issues at a younger age not only helps them to boost their confidence, but that it actually diminishes their learning issues over time. Arete has worked with many students with learning challenges. The goal is to make these students tutor independent so that when they reach high school, they are ready to take on additional rigorous academic challenges on a more level playing field. In addition, Arete will pair students with an educational evaluator who can help gain extra time for standardized exams, if need be.


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