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Nikki Geula graduated from Vassar College in 1994 with highest honors in Political Science. She grew up in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and attended the Yung Wing School for gifted children and then The Dalton School. At Vassar, she was awarded the Eloise Ellery Fellowship and the Samuel B. Tilden Award for her outstanding work in Political Philosophy. Her thesis, Arete in Machiavelli’s The Prince: The Prince as Ethical in Light of Plato’s Healthy City received the mark of distinction. She was awarded the prestigious Political Science Internship, a stipend given to the student with the highest GPA in Political Science, to teach fellow students political philosophy.

After graduating from Vassar, Nikki attended the Circle in the Square Professional Conservatory where she received a graduate certificate in acting. Prior to founding Arete, Nikki, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, worked as an actress, landing theatre, film and television roles. Nikki attended the Joffrey Ballet School for nine years and was a founding member of the Circle Players Improv Company. Nikki is a published political journalist and has appeared on CNN for her work featuring the homeless in New York. Nikki is also the author of Refrigerator Art, a book of homeless and abused children’s art. Her screenplay Split Second was co-written with the former chief weapons inspector of UNSCOM, Scott Ritter and focuses on the genocide of Liberia. Nikki’s life-long hobby of making jewelry became more than a passion, as she designed the jewelry for Ralph Lauren’s recent Fall and Spring Collections for Women. Her work is also featured at Net-A-Porter based in the UK and in Podium, the ‘Barney’s’ of Russia.

“I believe that we are only limited by our fears and that anything we want to accomplish in life both academically and professionally is possible. This is what I try to instill in my students. I encourage them to create a dream and to then actualize it by taking action. Anything is possible.”



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