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Arete had an unprecedented year for 2006. All of our undergraduate students were accepted by at least one of their "reach" schools. The final list of colleges is as follows:

Our Undergraduate Candidates were admitted to:
Amherst, Middlebury, Boston College, New York University, Boston University, Pomona, Brown, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, Rhode Island School of Design, Colgate, Syracuse, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, UCLA, Dartmouth, USC, Emory, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Vassar, George Washington Washington University (St. Louis), Harvard, Wharton, Kenyon, Williams, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Wisconsin-Madison, Yale

Our Law School Candidates were admitted to:
Boston College, Boston University, Cardoza, Columbia, Emory, Fordham, Georgetown, George Washington University, Harvard, Miami, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Minnesota New York University

Our Business School Candidates were admitted to:
University of California-Berkeley (Haas), Columbia, Chicago, Dartmouth (Tuck), Emory (Goizueta), Georgetown (McDonough), Harvard, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross), MIT (Sloan), New York University (Stern), Northwestern (Kellogg), Notre Dame (Mendoza), Pennsylvania (Wharton), Stanford University, Vanderbilt (Owen), Virginia (Darden)



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