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Arete’s graduate school admissions coaching is for students who are interested in obtaining advanced degrees in business, law, medicine and other areas. Following a thorough review of past transcripts, extra-curricular activities, work experience and the educational goals of the student, he or she is matched with the right coach with the most relevant academic and professional background. Arete’s elite coaches carry advanced degrees from the best universities and graduate schools including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton and Duke. They are uniquely positioned to understand what it takes to get accepted to the best schools in the country.

Once paired with a coach, a customized strategy is developed encompassing school selection, applications, test schedules and coursework required. Other areas of coaching include essays, personal statements, resumes, recommendations, school visits, school interviews and more.

Law School
Gaining admissions to law school requires more than a strong undergraduate GPA. Our coaches will help you perfect your resume, your personal statement, and bring out your best LSAT score. We will help you choose the best recommendations from teachers and employers as well as help you to create a strategic law school list. Applying to law school requires an awareness of timing; many law schools admit students on a rolling basis and we will help you choose your early admissions school as well as guide you through the LSAC application. In essence, we will take you through the process step-by-step and help to dispel undue anxiety and stress.

Medical School
Arete coaches can help you raise your MCAT score by pinpointing weak areas and teaching you the material necessary to ace the exam. However, the MCAT is only one piece of the medical application puzzle. Our medical school coaches have gained admissions and helped our clients gain entrance into the best Medical Schools in the country including Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Yale. We will help you choose a strategic list of medical schools as well as help you tackle the daunting MCAS application. Finally, we will guide you through your personal statement and help you choose the best academic and personal letters of recommendation.

Business School
Many of Arete’s coaches have graduated from the world’s leading business schools including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Sloan and Kellogg. Our clients have enjoyed admissions to those same schools and more. Arete coaches guide you to powerfully respond to the multiple B-school essay questions. In addition, we help you to strengthen your weak spots and help you to choose an overall strategy to position your strengths and goals so that they align with the goals of the prospective school. In addition to perfecting your resume, we help you create a master list of schools, help you choose powerful recommendations as well as guide you through the MCAT process.

Steps in the graduate school admission process include:

  • Developing an overall plan and timeline for targeting specific schools
  • Learning to navigate the actual application process
  • Writing effective essays and personal statements
  • Creating a testing schedule
  • Scripting a resume that powerfully showcases your unique value
  • Obtaining persuasive letters of recommendation
  • Preparing for interviews and becoming an expert at effectively presenting your academic and professional achievements
  • Planning for and getting the most out of your school visits

Arete has coaches who specialize in increasing your scores on graduate school standardized tests including:


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