"I cannot thank you enough! I had applied to Brown first as a high school senior and then again as a freshman in college. I was rejected both times. I just got into Penn and Brown! I am so excited and I could not have done it without you or Kara's support and guidance. Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! I got my scores back, and I got a 2320!!!! (800 writing, 780 reading, 740 math) I'm so happy! Thanks again "

"I had waited until the last minute to prepare for the SAT II’s in Chemistry. My Coach worked with me every day for three weeks. I scored a 720. There is no possible way I would have done so well had she not been so committed to me."
-Amy Y.

"I live in Europe and wanted my son to attend an American University. Arete sent a tutor to London for two weeks and prepared Jonathon for the SAT’s. He improved in leaps and bounds and is now attending Harvard. I am forever grateful to Nikki for her patience and the miracle her tutor performed."
–Mrs. Koplowitz

"I just wanted to let you know that I was admitted to MIT's class of 2009! I am really excited and just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. I am waiting to hear from Tuck on Friday, but I was at dinner with their alumni on Monday night and I have a very positive feeling about the news. I really believe your help made the difference."

"I have been so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement these past days and I wanted to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for me these past years, there is so way that I would be here without you. I am speechless when I begin to think of everything that you have done for me, from when we started in 10th grade you transformed the way I think and approach english class, making it go from one of my weakest and least favorite subjects to getting excited now whenever I have a paper to write. Never before have I gotten A's and A-'s in english before. You gave me confidence in my studies and challenged me to excel. When it came to my standardized testing you knew exactly how to approach it with me and helped me get through each and every one. You devoted whole Saturday mornings this summer to helping me understand and master SAT critical reading and learn to approach it with a new lens. When it came to my college essays you spent countless hours with me going over each and every word, playing with alliteration and the poetry of Robert Frost until you helped me transform it into a beautiful essay that I am proud of. You were there for me whenever I needed you and boosted my confidence whenever I was in doubt and for that I am at a loss of words to even begin describing how grateful I am to you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me realize a life long dream, there is no way that I would have been able to achieve it without you. Thank you again and all the best"

"Before Arete, our son Michael lacked confidence in his math abilities and ‘hated doing math’ in his words. His C- grades were hard-fought. But after just one session with his new coach, Michael told his mom ‘Now, I just want to do math’. Arete provided Michael a new Framework for studying, practicing, and test taking which unlocked his potential, provided him confidence, and produced immediate results. He is now a consistent B+/A- math student. It is clear that Michael can take his skills in using this Framework with him for all future math and science courses, even through college. I clearly see Arete as not just a short-term solution, but as a true long-term investment in my child’s education."
–David L.

"Nikki Geula has helped our daughter turn the corner and meet with success at The Dalton School. She has helped Sara with organizational skills, aswell as actual subject matter work. Sara has gone from a disorganized eighth grader to being a successful tenth grader. Our Daughter was a D student and is now a solid B student in a year working with Nikki. She is now independent and fully writes her own papers with joy. She used to think she "couldn't do it" and now takes pride in her work. One of Nikki's associates, Hiral Shah, recently started working with our son, who is in the ninth grade at Columbia Prep. In the short time that they have been working together, Jason has become more organized and has a better grasp of the subjects that he and Hiral work on together."
–Carol K.

"Working with Nikki was a great experience. She brought enthusiasm to each session and her fun, ebullient personality made each meeting a joy. Nikki's "coaching" method was very helpful to me. Although she did help me learn the material, she did not just hand me the answers. I would suggest her as a study "coach" for anyone. The aspirations she has for herself in her own life have made her a good role model and have inspired me to try new things. She has encouraged me to push myself and even helped me get my term paper published. Nikki is not only a "coach" but also a friend who is an integral part of my support system."

"In high school my grades consisted of mostly D's. On occasion I would even receive F's. If I was lucky I would get a C. I did very poorly in high school, not only was I in danger of getting kicked out but it affected my life outside of school as well. When I met Nikki and started tutoring with her for a couple of months I saw positive results in my grades. Nikki didn't tutor me in getting an A in my next exam she coached me into becoming a better student. I know after spending time with Nikki that I have completely transformed myself as a student. I actually truly enjoy school now. I remember a specific time when my vice principal had a meeting with Nikki and my parents and had told them I would be lucky if I got in to a community college because I was simply not "college material". Needless to say now I am attending a four year university with a 3.5 GPA. I will always be grateful for Nikki's coaching and for her truly believing in me as a student when no one else did. Thanks Nikki"

"My daughter had been failing out of school for a number of years. Her teachers were completely resigned and didn't believe that she could change. I called Arête Educational Consulting out of desperation, but even I was skeptical. Nikki worked miracles. In less than a year she brought my daughter from a D average to a B average and helped her get in to college. Nikki's strengths are that she never makes her students wrong, she is always looking at what is possible, and most importantly she gives her students tools to use after they complete their tutoring. She is truly a wonderful tutor who has a genuine interest in her students improving as well as learning better study habits."
–Mr. Aufiero

"Our teenage son benefited from working with a group of young, enthusiastic academic coaches who are able to work with a variety of learning styles. We are extremely fortunate to have a math coach who does not accept half measures, and who demands commitment and integrity in the nicest possible manner. This is a terrific group who have engaged our son's interest and have met the challenge by raising his standards. They have made themselves available by telephone and e-mail in addition to their coaching sessions, and are always ready to answer questions and to step in and help with a paper. No one could ask for more. Arete has made a positive difference with a first-rate team."
–Mr. Lacher



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