The Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners or AABL is administered to children pre-K through the first grade applying to private schools.

Students can take the AABL once every six months. The two subsections of the AABL, reasoning and achievement are assessed through multiple choice questions on an iPad. The reasoning section tests verbal reasoning (similarities, comparing, deductive reasoning and verbal analogies), as well as quantitative reasoning (inferences and deductions with numbers, shapes, patterns and basic adding and subtracting). The achievement section tests early literacy (identifying letters, sounds, syllables), as well as mathematics (number quantity comparison, skip counting and ordinal terms). AABL score reports assess both a child’s individual performance as well as their achievement compared to other children applying to the same grade.

The AABL is a challenging exam that requires substantial preparation. We recommend students take a practice test ahead of time, so we can assess individual needs and create an appropriate timeline for preparation.

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