SAT Subject Tests are one-hour tests in specified subjects.

Given their targeted material, they are used to evaluate applicants and may be used for incoming freshman’s class placement.

Arete coaches have developed a powerful approach to mastering SAT Subject Tests.

First, we ensure a solid academic base for the student. A coach, specializing in the specified subject, works with the student to review the salient information. Our coaches will then break down the standardized test into manageable components. Arete students typically raise their score 150-200 points and we have had many students receive perfect 800’s.

It is highly recommended that SAT Subject Test prep begins in 9th grade. SAT and other standardized test prep follows the summer after 10th grade, so studying earlier for the SAT Subject Tests allows for focused attention and better results. Appropriate timing for SAT Subject Test Prep also helps prime students for subsequent training in other tests. Students have the opportunity to see how the Arete model works with a proven model of assess, assign (the right tutor), ascribe (the best curriculum) and apply (core skills and test taking strategy).

We provide SAT Subject Test coaching for the following subjects:

English Literature
U.S. History
World History
Math Level 1 or Level 2
Biology Ecological
Biology Molecular

Spanish (with Listening)
French (with Listening)
Chinese (with Listening)
German (with Listening)
Modern Hebrew
Japanese (with Listening)
Korean with Listening

Q: Which SAT Subject Tests should I take and when should I take them?

A: Based on the student’s school curriculum and prowess for a certain subject, you, your counselor, and your tutor will determine which tests are right for you and which ones are required by schools on your college list. Arete tutors specialize in certain SAT Subject Tests and have developed a powerful approach to mastering the tests.

Q: Should I take three SAT Subject Tests in one day or space them out?

A: It depends on your individual stamina and focus. You don’t need to send in all three scores (just your best ones) so go for it!

Q: Are there any SAT Subject Tests I should plan to take twice?

A: You should keep taking the tests until you reach your goal. You only need to send in your top score to schools.

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