Arete’s proprietary process has proven success for over 22 years.

Why choose Arete?

At Arete, we believe
that every student
is capable of excelling
Our coaching process
allows for students
to become autonomous
and not tutor dependent.

Arete: (GRK) Striving for excellence.

Arete is a full service tutoring and educational consulting company committed to unlocking the inner potential of our clientele. Our ultimate goal is to help people of all ages fulfill their dreams – whether it be gaining admission to an Ivy League University or helping a student raise his/her SAT score 300 points. Our commitment to our students balances the immediate need for excellent grades and scores with the long-term relationship the student develops with learning. The skills taught by Arete coaches encourage ownership of studied material as well as impart critical tools essential for boosting confidence throughout the learning process.

Arete coaches are trained and qualified to identify the road blocks keeping students from reaching their maximum potential and guide them towards success.

Our History

Arete was conceived by Nikki Geula, a graduate of Vassar College and the Dalton School in New York, NY. In 1994, Nikki began tutoring students and found that many of them misperceived tutoring as a “band-aid,” a short-term solution to fix a poor grade. Nikki discovered an often-unmet need for students to be taught how to address the root of their academic struggles by learning strong study skills and personal responsibility.

Nikki developed a proprietary technique and philosophy for tutoring and coaching that ingrains in her students accountability for achieving commitments and goals. Each student faces unique challenges in reaching his or her academic potential: from poor organization and weak study habits to more serious learning disabilities. Whatever the challenge, Arete Coaches are trained and qualified to identify the road blocks keeping students from reaching their maximum potential and guiding them towards success.

Ultimately, Arete strives to ignite self-motivation within individual students, empowering them to fulfill their academic promise and reach goals beyond what they thought possible.

Our aim is to
a student
from tutoring.
Ongoing tutoring
is always available
but may not
be necessary.

The Arete Process

During an initial one-hour consultation, the student will meet with their Arete Coach, hand-picked to match specialized learning disciplines, specific subject area needs of the students, diagnosed learning issues, and individual personalities.

In their first session, the Coach and student define clear academic goals. For example, if they commit to bringing a C grade to an A-, the Coach and student will create an action plan to achieve this goal, as well as a coaching structure of scheduled sessions, phone calls and/or emails to guide the student into action. The intensity of the schedule will depend on the individual student’s needs. Generally, the goal is to wean a student from coaching, which can be discussed after the initial consultation. Students are often required to set up a weekly “coaching check-in time.” This can range from 15 minutes to half an hour and allows for the Coach and student to monitor progress.

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