The Dental Admission Tests or DAT, administered by the American Dental Association, is an entrance exam to dental school.

There is no passing score for the exam; rather it is considered as a component of the dental applicant’s application package. The DAT consists of four multiple choice sub sections: the survey of natural sciences which covers biology and chemistry (90 minutes), the perceptual ability test (60 minutes), reading comprehension test (60 minutes), and the quantitative reasoning test (45 minutes).

After taking a practice test, you and your Arete tutor will analyze the results of an initial diagnostic test to determine the best plan of action. Your tutor will work with you on both academic (i.e. science review), skill sets and test-taking techniques designed to save you time and help you avoid common DAT pitfalls.

Q: How long is the test?

A: Four-hours and fifteen minutes. There are forty-five minutes of optional, additional time used for a tutorial at the beginning of the test, a break at the halfway point, and a survey after completing the test.

Q: How many months in advance should I start preparing?

A: Take the exam early enough to allow sufficient time to improve your DAT if necessary. Dental school applications are not typically processed until they are complete, including DAT scores. If you have to retake the exam, you will have to wait 90 days. You cannot take the DAT more than three times.

Q: When is the test offered?

A: The DAT is a computer administered exam and can be taken almost every day of the year.

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