Looking to transfer schools? You are not alone – about 33% of all college students transfer at least once.

Arete counselors help students looking to transfer from their current institution and find a school more suitable to their individual needs. The transfer process is different from the initial application process – your Arete counselor will walk you through it step-by-step. In one-on-one counseling sessions, we work with the student to create a list of potential transfer schools and develop a stellar transfer application.

Your Arete college counselor will help you determine:

  • Which schools will be the best fit for you
  • Which standardized tests you should take again
  • Who should write your new letters of recommendation
  • How to ensure as many credits as possible transfer from your first school to your new one
  • How to maximize your chance for admission through extracurriculars, coursework, etc
  • How to write the best new personal statement and most effectively communicate your reasons for transferring

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