The GRE is a graduate level exam used for admission to a variety of programs – M.A., M.S., M.B.A, J.D., and many professional degrees.

The GRE, administered via computer, emphasizes verbal and quantitative skills and analytical writing.

Arete’s approach to GRE preparation diagnoses readiness, trains the analytic approach, enhances specific skills needed to improve scores, and reduces test anxiety. We help master strategies for the computer-administered test setting, which is distinct from the traditional paper test.

Q: How long is the test?

A: Three hours and forty-five minutes

Q: How many months in advance should I start preparing?

A: This varies depending on your natural preparedness, but we usually recommend starting six months in advance. Our philosophy is that one can always cut back on tutoring but can never get time back. In essence, it is better to be prepared earlier rather than needing more time when it is already too late to impact your results.

Q: When is the test offered?

A: The GRE is a computer administered exam and can be taken on any business day.

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