The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test or NNAT is administered to children ages 5 to 17 to assess a student’s thinking and reasoning ability.

It is used exclusively by gifted schools and programs for admission. Because the test is nonverbal, all the questions rely on shapes and figures rather than pictures and words. The NNAT includes four different questions: pattern completion, reasoning by analogy, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization. However, the content on the exam is dependent on the student’s grade level. There are seven NNAT Levels: A (Pre-K and K), B (1st grade), C (2nd grade), D (3rd and 4th grades), E (5th and 6th grades), F (7th– 9th grades) and G (10th – 12th grade).

The NNAT, similar to other gifted assessments, is a difficult exam requiring preparation and familiarity. We recommend all students take a practice exam around two to three months prior to the test date. Keep in mind that every student is different, so an initial assessment is crucial for determining a timeline for preparation.

The NNAT3 consists of 48 questions. Students have 30 minutes to complete the test. However, not all levels test the same material. See the table below to distinguish which tests contain what question types:

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