Applying to college is a maze of applications and standardized exams.

In addition to our counseling services, Arete streamlines the testing process through diagnostic exams which help determine which tests are the best fit for your learning style and college list. We draw up a schedule to ensure you are fully prepared for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT. We also work with students to prepare for AP and IB exams; 4’s and 5’s look good to colleges, and some may even be considered for college credit and advanced freshman placement.

Based on diagnostic tests, your Arete tutor will pinpoint weak spots and develop a curriculum geared towards reaching your ideal scores. Practice tests along the way will track your progress and prepare you for the test-taking environment. Many of our students have improved over 300 points on the SAT and as many as 12 points on the ACT. A fair number have received perfect scores.

While some students need minimal test prep, others need a longer time to master the material and acclimate to the stringent time limits. We recommend that students begin their SAT and ACT test prep one year in advance. Our philosophy is that you can always cut back on tutoring, but you can never get time back.

With your Arete tutor, you will:

  • Determine which tests you need to take to be an optimal candidate for your desired schools
  • Draw up a schedule of test dates that gives you enough time on the front end to prepare as well as room on the back end to add extra test dates if need be
  • Practice techniques to avoid common test-taking pitfalls
  • Learn strategies to apply classroom knowledge to tricky questions
  • Take regular practice sections and tests to familiarize yourself with test taking environment and track progress

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