Arete believes deeply in each student’s capacity for success. There is no single ‘right’ way to achieve; there is no cookie cutter for achievement. We see learning differences not as setbacks but as opportunities to grow, cultivate tenacity, and develop new ways of understanding.

Our counselors and tutors have experience with many learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning issues, dysgraphia and more. Your Arete team will work closely with your child to help him/her develop the skills needed to excel through his/her differences, not in spite of them. Our counselors and tutors are also well-versed in the accommodations your child can receive on standardized tests and the methods by which to be granted extra time, formatting accommodations, etc. We also have extensive experience with the different approaches New York City schools and boarding schools have towards students with learning differences and will be able to guide your application process towards schools that have the balance of rigor and compassion that best suits your child and family.

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